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Promoting businesses, events, marketing campaigns, new projects can be important. We support promotions by offering all kinds of promotion based services.

Promotions Services


Promoters can help promote your products, services, ideas & campaigns by physically being present and interacting with your potential customers. 


A professional hostess is a person who entertains and receives guests at a party, occasion, event or a social gathering. A hostess can bring change in the mood of the occasion and  uplift the overall ambiance.

Promotions Services | Professional Hostess
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Sponsorship means to provide funds for a project or activity or the person carrying it out. We can help you find sponsors for your particular events, campaigns and other occasions. 


Giving away gifts can help generate customer loyalty, brand awareness and helps increase brand image. We produce keychains, string bags, mugs, masks, shoulder bags, caps, T-shits, wallets, laptop bags, notebooks, pens, corporate gift boxes & much more as gifts as giveaways for your company.

Giveaways | Promotions Services in Dubai


Product Sampling can help understand the products reviews by the larger audience. It can help shed light on your products and promotions out there. 

Digital Promotions

Digital promotions are promotions that feel authentic coming from known and respectable members of our society. We have a large chain of digital promoters with huge amount of connections and following, belonging to different nationalities all throughout the GCC.

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