About us

Our team helps companies develop their ideas into cutting-edge products that will cause customers to love and enjoy.

To deliver our expertise flexibly and with maximum impact, we have developed three different ways of working. Each is adaptable to your core needs, processes and culture of your business.


MaxReach's 'Rethink' approach is about challenging the conventional in advertising. We help you reconsider your marketing strategies and explore innovative solutions to captivate your audience



With our 'Refresh' method, MaxReach rejuvenates your brand and advertising campaigns. We identify areas for improvement and breathe new life into your strategies to ensure they remain engaging and effective.


In today's fast-paced advertising landscape, rapid adaptation is essential. MaxReach's 'Respond' approach equips you to react swiftly to market changes, making agile decisions that keep your brand at the forefront of the industry.


A Decade of
Marketing Excellence


Our mission is to create innovative ideas and execute them within a committed time frame, generating high quality results.


Keep inspiring, innovating and benchmarking in the world of advertising agency while remaining adaptable to match the client’s vision of the campaign.

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Our team

Our team helps companies develop their ideas into cutting-edge products that will cause customers to love and enjoy.

Mrinalini Karia


As the CEO of our esteemed marketing agency, I orchestrate the strategic vision and steer our direction toward unparalleled success. Leading with ambition, I set and drive the achievement of audacious business goals while spearheading innovative marketing strategies. Nurturing a culture of collaboration and creativity among our talented team is at the heart of my leadership. I actively cultivate key partnerships, ensuring operational excellence and positioning our agency as an industry trailblazer. My mission is to elevate our agency to the pinnacle of market leadership, setting new standards for success.

Jai Snehal

Client Relationship Manager

As a Client Relationship Manager, I spearhead the coordination of day-to-day operations to ensure prompt and precise deliverables. My core responsibility involves proactively sourcing potential clients for our BTL marketing services, conducting sales, and maintaining ongoing client relationships through updates and feedback sessions. This includes optimizing client engagement and overseeing service delivery for optimal customer satisfaction.

Aftab Rahmath

Project Manager

As a Project Manager with a proven track record, I bring extensive experience in overseeing and successfully delivering projects from initiation to completion. With a keen eye for detail, effective communication skills, and a collaborative leadership style, I excel in navigating projects and ensuring the timely achievement of goals. My commitment to quality, efficiency, and client satisfaction underscores my dedication to driving project success.

Adnan Rahmath

Market analyst

Actively contribute to customer relationship management, communication, partnerships, and strategic planning within the organization. These efforts significantly bolster brand development and facilitate the achievement of organizational goals.

Ehsan Asghar

Marketing Consultant

Drive brand visibility and engagement as a Marketing Consultant by devising and executing strategic marketing plans. Conduct comprehensive market research to identify trends and opportunities, providing insights for optimized strategies. Collaborate across teams to create impactful marketing collateral aligned with brand goals. Monitor KPIs, leveraging data-driven insights to refine initiatives and exceed business objectives.

Umair Siddiq

Marketing Specialist

Collaborate across teams for stellar product launches, aligning sales, design, and content efforts seamlessly. Keep ahead with evolving trends and tech, optimizing our strategies. Monitor WhatsApp Chatbot campaigns, crafting reports for smarter future moves.